GoBrazilOnline provides travelers with a convenient way to discover and book accommodations in Brazil. Looking for a luxury hotel for a night, a townhome for a week, or a villa for a fortnight? We offer a variety of accommodation choices to make your travel experience memorable. is Brazil’s favorite online-destination-management platform. It is owned and operated by GoBrazilOnline Inc., a Canadian company with offices in Brazil and OARANS

We offer customers the following benefits:
  • Potential for additional discounts, room upgrades, or free nights
  • Access to the entire room inventory
  • Clear and detailed price breakdown for adults and children
  • Clear and detailed pricing information for holiday seasons
  • No reservation fees
  • Secure booking Advantage

Our presence in Brazil allows us to benefit from better pricing structures and more room inventory. We negotiate directly with the accommodation providers to offer you the lowest available prices and access to the entire room inventory.

We allow up to one business day in Brazil for any reservation request to be confirmed by the applicable accommodation provider. This policy can work in your favour. The accommodation provider may apply an additional discount, room upgrade, or free night(s) to your order, depending on room inventory and demand.

Are you getting the full story?

Accommodation providers allow most online booking sites to list only a small allotment of their actual room inventory. As a result, travelers do not usually get full information about room availability and prices.

We do not like that approach. Instead, we prefer to show availability and prices for 100% of the room inventory, every day. This way, you can have all the information you need to choose an accommodation that best suits your needs, without being misled into believing that some rooms are sold out when, in reality, they may be available.

Are you traveling with children?

Most online booking sites do not show how much it costs to have children stay in the same room as their guardians. You have no way of knowing how much you would have to pay for each child. For example, if you plan to travel as a family with two children, all you can see is the price of accommodations for four people. It may appear that you have to book two rooms, one room for one adult with a child. This arrangement is a lot more expensive than having everyone stay in the same room as a family.

We offer a better option. provides a clear and detailed price breakdown, which allows you to see how much you would pay for the adults and the children in your family to stay in the same room. You can also specify your preference for the number and type of beds.

Are you traveling around holidays?

During periods that include holidays, such as Carnivals or New Year’s Day, accommodations in Brazil may be more expensive. Accommodation providers may impose restrictions with respect to the minimum number of days that travelers can book.

Unlike other online booking sites, provides clear and detailed pricing information for holiday seasons. It allows you to see and compare room rates before, during, and after all major holidays in Brazil. If you wish, you can purchase a holiday package and enjoy the festivities. If you prefer to save money, you can plan your trip to avoid a holiday season. We believe that you should be provided with all the information you need to plan your trip according to your needs.

No reservation fees

The GoBrazilOnline reservation is free. We do not charge any booking fees or add any administration fees. In many cases, reservations can be canceled free of charge.

Secure booking

The reservation system is secure, and your credit card and personal information are encrypted. We work to high standards to protect your privacy.


The Short Messaging Service (SMS) offers a powerful and beneficial tool for enterprise communication. Despite different requirements by institutions the SMS proves to be a leading wireless communication medium that can be managed and integrated easily with existing IT environments.

With SMS Support and the power of today's mobile phones, you can revolutionize the way in which you communicate with your audience. SMS provides several advantages over other forms of communication. Research has shown that SMS has the capacity to access instantaneously a large number of people with mobile connectivity. Mobile users also have shown a high probability of reading SMS messages.

ThinkNotified is an effective tool for establishing the communication, community mobilization and linkages among community and locals targeted. It aims to support an organization in communicating the important information regularly, without hassle, and keeping community updated.

ThinkNotified Advantage

It's salient features collectively make ThinkNotified the best pick for the messaging needs an organization which wants to reach out to the community at grass root level or otherwise for effective community mobilization.

Some key benefits of using ThinkNotified in your organization are:

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  • High retention rate
  • Cost Effective Medium
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  • Instantaneous effect
  • Better community support will be made possible
  • High Response Ratio
  • Professional Impact on funding organizations
  • Online system - no need for any installation
  • Available online 24 hours around the globe.


Following are the powerful features of ThinkNotified which makes it as the best pick:

  • Controlled Group Access
  • Usage Security and Logging
  • Dynamic Data SMS
  • Group-Based Access Rules
  • Parents/Guardians Numbers Support
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Secure Contacts
  • Global Presence on Internet
  • No GSM Modem Required
  • Passive Contact Groups
  • Integration with almost all industry standard MIS

Recruitment Management System

Details will be updated soon.


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